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5 tips to manage your outlook inbox

After Microsoft has brought up a new and advanced mail platform with its outlook it has been delivering promising satisfactory mail services. Hotmail was always among the trusted and most used platform for mailing needs and outlook has continued to remain user’s favorite. It is because of its advanced application and user friendly services that are captures a huge market for mailing platform. Yes of course outlook is the best and the most user friendly but in cases when user get into any problems they may obtain easy help with hotmail contact number.

With such services outlook ensure that user enjoy and enhanced version of outlook use. One of the most advanced and useful application of outlook for its users is its advanced management of mail inbox. With this mail management services it wants users to use a tidy mail so that important mails never get missed and unwanted mails do not waste your precious time. Outlook provides various useful applications for easy mail management and suggests user to use them as they are for their benefit. Some of the useful mail management applications of outlook are:


1.      Arranging your folders in outlook – Prior with its old hotmail platform Microsoft mail inbox was arranging folders in alphabetical order but it has changed now with newer version of outlook now Microsoft let you manage folders as per your preferences with this user can now rearrange folders on priority basis. A user simply need to drag and drop the folder that is the most used folder can be placed at top. 

2.      Creating folders for separating mails – You can now create separate folder for separate types of mails so that you can find the specific mail in relevant folder at times when you need it. You may also make a separate folder for placing CC: mails. Outlook is well aware that CC mails are less important so you may create a CC: folder and by going to advanced setting options create your own new rule according to which mails that do not have your name as sender and has your name in CC box may directly enter to this folder so that you may read them whenever you get time irrelevant of being important. 

3.      Mark as read – Often there are mails that get into your mail inbox unnecessarily. This mails that are not important can be marked as read without actually reading the complete mails. Once you mark it as read they will not bother you in future any more.

4.      Flag the messages – Those mails which are important and you want to read them in future you can mark them as flagged mails so that whenever in future you will get time you can simply check all the flagged mails to read them individually.

5.      Archive mail – Archive mails is a special folder that exists in your outlook inbox by default. As a user you need to make regular habit of dumping unnecessary mails into archive folder on daily basis so that neat and clean mail inbox can be maintained. Other than outlook also provide a special service of auto archive that automatically cleans outlook inbox on fixed interval you as a user can decide the time interval by changing the setting in outlook.

With all this essential features outlook provides a clean and tidy mail inbox management so that you can get and enhanced outlook mail use. These are easy to incorporate rules as provided by outlook. Anyone can use this tactics to manage your mail inbox easily but in case you need help you may obtain it from hotmail contact number toll free. 

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